An immersive, narrative podcast, hosted by social justice filmmakers Erika Alexander, a black woman, and Whitney Dow, a white man.

Erika Alexander (Living Single, Get Out, Run The World) and Whitney Dow (Two Towns of Jasper, I Sit Where I Want, The Whiteness Project) use their unique storytelling skills and experiences to explore the argument for and against the controversial topic of reparations for Black Americans.

Can Reparations Find a Home in America?

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Episode Notes


If a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, how many miles will it take for reparations for America’s enslaved descendants to find a home? Backed by Analog Players Society and Masta Ace‘s debut hit, Home In America, Erika and Whitney do a deep dive into their first season’s journey and uncover shades of gray and pain in their unusual black and white partnership. But first, a Lord Of The Rings, epic-remix, monologue tells the story of the long, harrowing journey begun by reparations pioneers long ago. Then a new playlist is created to entice their favorite reparations warriors, and opponents, to reappear and bear witness to their reparations journey today. While the pair revisit their best hits, the duo is encouraged to make an all-out sprint toward their season’s final destination, slavery’s home, The Whitney Plantation in southern Louisiana. And, like the haunted place inspired by Toni Morrison’s mythological “Sweet Home,” this plantation tells the story from the slave’s point of view. Finally, the pair retrace their steps, only to find themselves at the beginning of the end, in the mother of all lands, the great continent of Africa. Now in the belly of the beast, at the Cape Coast slave dungeons, they ask the ultimate question, can America go through the door of no return and come out the other side, whole? Or will America’s impractical arrangement and immoral history destroy its own home from the inside out? 

Home in America” is by Analog Players Society and Masta Ace, produced by Ben Rubin. The single will be released on all platforms on June 18 by Ropeadope Records.” “‘Home in America” features NYC jazz greats: tenor saxophonist Donny McCaslin (David Bowie/Blackstar), pianist Orrin Evans (the Bad Plus), bassist Dezron Douglas (Ravi Coltrane), and drummer Eric McPherson (Fred Hersch Trio).


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