An immersive, narrative podcast, hosted by social justice filmmakers Erika Alexander, a black woman, and Whitney Dow, a white man.

Erika Alexander (Living Single, Get Out, Run The World) and Whitney Dow (Two Towns of Jasper, I Sit Where I Want, The Whiteness Project) use their unique storytelling skills and experiences to explore the argument for and against the controversial topic of reparations for Black Americans.

Can Reparations Heal a World of Pain?

Listen 38:58

Episode Notes


It’s mourning’ time in America. Erika and Whitney reflect on their reparations journey and calculate the personal toll it’s taken. The great Reverend Barber resets the room and builds a powerful theological case, through the lens of “The Five Pillars.” A case that exposes the moral repercussions of reparations, and what the bondsman’s price will be if America continues to ignore the bill. Then, after 28 years, Erika returns to her father’s grave at Rosemont Cemetery in Elizabeth, NJ to share her personal theory on individual moral justice, while also looking to absolve her father’s case for debts paid in full, through his own pain and suffering. And finally, we get an encore visit from Erika’s mother, Ms. Sammie, who gets the last word and gives us a Star-Spangled Banner ‘drop the mic’ performance. Step back, Mahalia!


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